How to be up to date with Ruby and Ruby On Rails releases

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Prettier raw SQL in ruby

Use this syntax to format raw SQL nicely in ruby code. In some editors it also enables SQL syntax highlighting.

Multiline method memoization in ruby

Method memoization in ruby is easy when the method is one line long: ``` def something @something ||= # your calculations end ``` But when we hav...

RSpec rerun failures

How to configure RSpec to rerun failed specs only

Ruby logger log levels

OK, it seems obvious but I always spend several minutes finding it. So I think it's a good idea to put it here.

How to add images (i.e. logo) to email messages while using Pony gem.

Pony gem allows to easily send good looking and customizable emails, but it doesn't provide a way to include image in a way that it will be displayed in gma...

How to include logo into devise messages

A quick guide how to include any file, in this case logo to devise messages

De Morgan's laws in Ruby

The negation of a disjunction is the conjunction of the negations and The negation of a conjunction is the disjunction of the negations.

Set the same password for all users in one query

Reset devise passwords quickly, even for thousands of users.

Rubular - a Ruby regular expressions editor

Rubular is an online tool to check regular expressions written in Ruby.

How to get image details like creation timestamp using MiniMagic

How to get image details like creation date and tile using MiniMagic

Local HTTP server using ruby

``` ruby -run -ehttpd . -p8000 ```

Launching subprocessess in Ruby

This graph shows several ways to launch subprocess in Ruby.

Example tmux script for Rails

Shell script that will start a tmux session with Rails console and server in side panes

How to generate Excel column symbols in Ruby - Cool one-liner #1

How to generate Excel column symbols in Ruby ``` ('A'..'Z').to_a.unshift(nil).product(('A'..'Z').to_a).map { |arr| arr.compact.join } ``` If you woul...

Strange behaviour of roo gem when working with sheets (tabs)

Recently I realised a strange behaviour of roo gem when working with sheets (tabs). Here's what works non-intuitively in my opinion.