Strange behaviour of roo gem when working with sheets (tabs)

Recently I realised a strange behaviour of roo gem when working with sheets (tabs). Here's what works non-intuitively in my opinion.

Basic requirements for Facebook Cover Video

Essential requirements for Facebook Cover Video: Recommended resolution: 820 x 462 px Duration: 20 - 90 seconds Filetype: mp4 Remember top and bottom...

How to generate Excel column symbols in Ruby - Cool one-liner #1

How to generate Excel column symbols in Ruby ``` ('A'..'Z').to_a.unshift(nil).product(('A'..'Z').to_a).map { |arr| arr.compact.join } ``` If you woul...

Implement .node-version file in Bash & NVM

This snippet will allow you to automatically load node version stored in `.node-version` while changing current directory.

Rails ERD diagram visualisation online

Manual: 1. Go to 2. Click *import* and choose *Import from Rails (schema.rb)* 3. Paste schema.rb content 4. voilĂ

How to add polish dictionary to postgres

PostgreSQL dictionary consists of 3 files: * lang.dict * lang.affix * lang.stop # Generating dictionary files 1. Download the most recent polish Isp...

How to Address a Lady in a Business Letter

How to Address a Lady in a Business Letter? Here some advises. ## Not married `"Ms. #{last_name}"` or `"Miss #{last_name}"` ## Married `"Mrs. #{l...

jsPDF - JavaScript library for generating PDFs without using backend

Sometimes you wonder if there's a way to generate PDF without dealing with wk*topdf, puppeteer and other massive serverside tools - and there's one - jsPDF - which will generate a PDF for you in a moment, all client-side!

How to deal with RSpec time precision error

In some cases, Ruby uses higher precision to represent time than the DB. When we compare a timestamp before and after saving to the DB it might not be equal.

Open Source GUI macOS archiver with support for 7-Zip

This program will help you compress and extract 7-Zips (and other popular archive formats) without using command line.

How to hold Mac from going into sleep?

Every Mac owner knows how painful it is if their SSH session with a very important process just disconnects because of Mac going into sleep. Hopefully, there's a way to tell macOS that you don't want it to sleep - and here, you'll learn how to do it.

TCP Server in Elixir

How to setup a simple, but robust TCP server in Elixir

RSpec rerun failures

How to configure RSpec to rerun failed specs only

ThisPersonDoesNotExist, A Website That Uses AI To Make Fake Human Faces the website has the capabilities of conjuring up an image using the GAN algorithm. The GAN works by splitting the ta...

How to be up to date with Ruby and Ruby On Rails releases

Ruby releases: Ruby On Rails releases:

How to set maximum backup size in time machine

To set maximum backup size run this command in shell...

Rails migration decimal precision scale

Rails migration decimal precision scale explained quasi visually ``` 123.45678912345 <- scale -> <- precision -> ```

Fix bundler error "can't find gem bundler (>= 0.a) with executable bundle"

This error message seems to be related to network or Bundler issue, but it isn't - newer version of Bundler requires new version of RubyGems, which is not updated by default. Here, you'll see how to fix this issue.

How to remove deleted branch names from git suggestions?

How to remove deleted branch names from git suggestions? It's as simple as that: ``` git fetch --prune --all ``` Or (thanks to @mus) you can add this...

How to install gem without documentation

Hi, You've probably noticed that installation of gem documentation takes more time than installing gem itself. It can be annoying especially when you've alr...

How to use helper methods in mailer templates

How to use helper methods in mailer templates? Instead of this "include YourHelper" use this "add_template_helper YourHelper" in YourMailer

Example tmux script for Rails

Shell script that will start a tmux session with Rails console and server in side panes